Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What is LiveNutriFit?

LiveNutriFit is a Web & App Based Weight Loss Coaching program specializing in Lifestyle Modification, Nutrition Optimization and Functional Fitness, It is available on Mobile for Android handsets ( iOS App coming soon) as well as on www.LiveNutriFit.com

LiveNutriFit follows the principles of Weight loss designed by Dr Anjali Hooda, MBBS, MD (USA). Its three pronged approach is about Recommendations, Reminders & Monitoring where we give you customized, calorie-counted Meal Suggestions & Diet Plans on your Mobile/PC and remind, motivate and coach you at just the right times to make sure that you comply with the program. End result is guaranteed Weight loss and 100% Happiness

LiveNutriFit is the right choice for any Indian looking to lose weight at their convenience, in a private affordable manner, on their mobile!

How is LiveNutriFit different ?

The LiveNutriFit Program is designed by Dr Anjali Hooda a specialty doctor in ObesityManagement and Clinical Nutrition and is administered under strict Medical Protocols. The Nutrition plans are customized and Calorie counted. There are in App propreitery tools for Lifestyle Modification for sustainable and long term results & Personlized 1 on 1 coaching by a Healthcare Professional & reminders and easy trackers to form healthy habits.

How does LiveNutriFit work?

LiveNutriFit is your own personal Web & App Based Weight Loss Coaching Program that helps you to kickstart in your Weight Loss Journey .

Step 1 – Provide your Lifestyle,Personal & Medical details & set your Weight Loss goal.

Step 2 – You get Customized Nutrition & Fitness plans which are easy to follow even in the comforts of your home or office. There is calorie counting, no starving, no popping of Weight loss pills or dependence on Gyms & expensive machines.

Step 3 – A Healthcare Professional is designated for Personalized 1on1 Coaching ( LNF Pro Coach Plan) to support in knowledge enhancement, motivation and guidance to keep you on a sustainable Weight Loss Journey

Step 4 – Active usage of Proprietary Lifestyle Modification Tools such as POWER of 7 to improve Healthy habits and QUIT to reduce harmful habits. There are others tools for Gratitude, Self Motivation, Smart Grocery List Management, Step Counting & Stress Management. ( Depending on the plan you purchases)

You can choose from our Premium LNF Pro and LNF Pro-Coach Packages

Is LiveNutriFit Free?

LiveNutriFit is mostly free. It provides you hosts of tools free of cost which aid in weight loss. A few tools are Steps counter, Smart Grocery Management List, Healthy Recipes, and Nutrition Tips. Just download the App or log into the Website, fill in your profile details and you are ready to start.

There are premium packages LNF Pro & LNF Pro-Coach available which are paid.

What is POWER of 7?

POWER of 7 is LiveNutriFits proprietary tool embedded in the Mobile App ( currently in Android) which engages with the members and aids in Lifestyle Modification

What is QUIT?

QUIT is LiveNutriFits proprietary tool embedded in the Mobile App (currently in Android), which aids in reduction/ Quitting of Alcohol intake, smoking & tobacco chewing

What if I want to speak to my Personal 1 on 1 Health Coach?

During your LNF-Pro Coach program at LiveNutriFit you can speak to your Health Coach. Use the tab on your app to schedule an appointment with your Health Coach

Can I email my Personal 1 on 1 Health Coach?

Yes, Use the APP and send a mail to your Health Coach. Why use a mail when you can chat with the Health Coach through the APP.